Mateo Burillo, Training Manager, Zentyal

Mateo Burillo

Training Manager, Zentyal

Mateo is a 30 years old Computer Science M.SC., Linux and technology enthusiast since a very young age. After finishing his studies at the University of Zaragoza, he worked for University College Cork, 4C Labs, helping with the development of the algorithms needed for IA research.

Mateo created a LUG in his hometown, Teruel, with some of his college friends. He is specially interested in the “human” side of open source, learning and teaching, encouraging FOSS use between not-so-technical users, demonstrating that free software can and should be as easy and usable than closed source software. Currently he works as the Zentyal Training Manager, collaborating also in the fields of usability and R&D.
Mateo Burillo talks

Zentyal Business Gateway

Oct 4, 17:00-18:00, Business room

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