José Antonio Calvo, Zentyal Server Lead Developer

José Antonio Calvo

Server Lead Developer, Zentyal

José Antonio Calvo (aka Josh) is a 29 years old computer engineer by the University of Zaragoza. He started playing with Linux when he was still a kid and fell in love with programming while making his own video games. It is a bit blurry how he ended developing server software.

Josh joined Warp Networks in 2007, right after finishing his degree and by that time he developed ANSTE, current testing framework for Zentyal continuous integration system. He joined Zentyal when the company was founded in 2008, and he’s currently the Zentyal Server Lead developer. He also likes to play guitar and loves Heavy Metal.
José Antonio Calvo talks

Zentyal 3.2: Technical View

Oct 3, 13:30-13:30, Auditorium

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