Ignacio Correas, CEO, Zentyal

Ignacio Correas

CEO, Zentyal

Ignacio as the Founder and CEO of Zentyal has been instrumental in obtaining the initial R&D funding, building the team, defining the strategy and designing the commercial offering and partner program, and closing of the investment round with Open Ocean in 2012.

José Antonio Calvo, Zentyal Server Lead Developer

José Antonio Calvo

Server Lead Developer, Zentyal

José Antonio Calvo (aka Josh) is a 29 years old computer engineer by the University of Zaragoza. Josh joined Warp Networks in 2007, right after finishing his degree and by that time he developed ANSTE.

José Ramón Padrón, Channel Sales Manager Iberia-LatAm

José Ramón Padrón

Iberia-LatAm Channel Sales Manager, Zentyal

José Ramón joined Zentyal in August 2012 as the Iberia-LatAm Channel Sales Director. In this position he is responsible for planning and executing the implementation of Zentyal Partner Program in Iberia and Latin America.

Carlos Pérez Aradros, Zentyal Cloud Lead Developer

Carlos Pérez-Aradros

Cloud Lead Developer, Zentyal

Carlos Pérez-Aradros Herce (aka exekias) is a Software Engineer, Free Software and Web enthusiast. He speaks native Python and masters Django and Cloud services.

Julien Kerihuel, CTO, Zentyal

Julien Kerihuel

CTO, Zentyal

As the Chief Technology Officer of Zentyal, Julien is responsible for defining and driving Zentyal’s technology strategy to ensure the fulfillment of the company vision: bringing SMBs and their local IT providers all-in-one IT solutions that are easy to use.

Samuel Cabrero, Developer, Zentyal

Samuel Cabrero

Developer, Zentyal

Samuel is a 30 years old Computer Engineer with an extensive experience in the open source world. He started with his master thesis, a real-time wireless communication system for rescue tasks in hostile environments.

Eloy Crespo, Marketing and Sales Assistant, Zentyal

Eloy Crespo

Sales and Marketing Assistant, Zentyal

Eloy is a Marketing Specialist, motorsports lover and NBA fan. Eloy works at Zentyal as the main responsible for Zentyal leads management being in daily contact with potential customers in EMEA and North America.

Mateo Burillo, Training Manager, Zentyal

Mateo Burillo

Training Manager, Zentyal

Mateo is a Computer Science M.SC., Linux and technology enthusiast since a very young age. He is specially interested in the “human” side of open source, learning and teaching, encouraging FOSS use between not-so-technical users. Currently he works as the Zentyal Training Manager.

Reynaldo Gaibor, Sub-Director of National Judicial Council, Government of Ecuador

Reynaldo Gaibor

Deputy Director of IT Security, National Judicial Council of Ecuador

Reynaldo Gaibor is the Deputy Director of IT Security at the National Judicial Council of Ecuador. He is one of the foremost open source software experts working in the Ecuadorian public sector.

Malcolm Bain, Partner, id law partners

Malcolm Bain

Lawyer, id law partners & Fellow of the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE)

Malcolm Bain, partner at id law partners, Barcelona, specialises in Information Technology law and Intellectual Property law. He has participated in various R+D projects and written and lectured on many aspects of IT law, ecommerce and internet regulation.

Jorge Salamero, Sales Engineer, Zentyal

Jorge Salamero

Sales Engineer, Zentyal

Jorge studied Computer Science at the University of Zaragoza. After his studies he worked in the Gluz2 development, as system administrator in the GFN research group and in the University’s IT Department.

Luis Almeida, Commercial Director, PaloSanto Solutions

Luis Almeida

Commercial Director, PaloSanto Solutions/Elastix

Luis is a member of PaloSanto Solutions management team, the company behind the Elastix project. He is a computer systems engineer with over 18 years of experience in consulting, project management and IT industry.

Dan Shearer, Co-Founder, Samba Team

Dan Shearer

Co-founder, Samba Team

Dan Shearer is a technology consultant specialising in Open Source, corporate systems and What Comes Next. He has been involved with Linux, Samba, OpenChange and other open source infrastructure projects since their very early days.

Beata González-Blanco, VP of Global Sales, Zentyal

Beata González-Blanco

VP of Global Sales, Zentyal

A seasoned IT executive, Beata has over 20 years of sales management and international business development experience. Prior to joining Zentyal as the VP of Global Sales, she was the Director of Business Development of Global Alliances at Flexiant.

Krisztián Czakó, CEO, Linux Akademia

Krisztián Czakó

CEO, Linux Academy Ltd.

Krisztián Czakó started working with Linux based solutions in 1994 as a system administrator. He founded his first company delivering Linux and open source products to end users in 1997 and he has been teaching Linux administrators since 1998.

Héctor Barranco, IT Manager, Aportia

Héctor Barranco

IT Manager, Aportia

Héctor Barranco is the IT Manager of Aportia CEE, the first Special Employment Agency qualified by the Government of Aragon.

Eduardo Romero, Zaragoza City Council

Eduardo Romero

Desktop sysadmin, Zaragoza City Council

After vast experience as technology trainer, Eduardo joined the IT Department of the Zaragoza City Council in 2000. In 2005 he launched the AZlinux group that is the organization responsible for deploying and maintaining the open source tools used on the City Council’s desktops.

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