Summit 2012

4-5 of October, 2012

Zaragoza City Hall
Via Hispanidad 20

NOTE: ZeCA Certification exam will take place from 14:30 to 18:00.

Key talkAuditorium Business trackBusiness room Technical trackTechnical room
10:00 Thursday, 4th of October, 2012
10:30 Welcome and opening: Past 12 months in a nutshell Summit highlights. Ignacio Correas, CEO, Zentyal. SLIDES VIDEO
11:00 Keynote: The keys to identify and scale category-winning open source companies. Tom Henriksson, Partner, Open Ocean Capital. SLIDES VIDEO
11:30 How can development metrics help to take decisions about free software? Jesús González Barahona, Assistant professor at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Co-founder of Bitergia and Member of the CENATIC Advisory Board. SLIDES VIDEO
12:00 From Metal To Service: How Zentyal helps Leucotron reshaping its own business. Rodrigo Magalhães, Services Development and Innovation, Leucotron. SLIDES VIDEO
12:30 Coffee break
13:00 Zentyal 3.0 highlights and new benefits for SMBs Jose Antonio Calvo, Lead Server Developer, Zentyal. SLIDES VIDEO Ubuntu Advantage Masterclass for IT service providers Andrew Cooper, EMEA and ANZ Channel Manager, Canonical.
13:30 Challenges of Ubuntu desktop migration Darryl Weaver, Sales Engineer, Canonical. SLIDES VIDEO Zentyal vs Microsoft TCO comparison José Ramón Padrón, Sales Channel Manager Iberia-LATAM, Zentyal.
14:00 From Windows to Linux: experiences in migrating desktops Ricardo Cavero, CIO, City of Zaragoza. SLIDES VIDEO How to prepare a Zentyal-based service portfolio for your customers Javi Vázquez, COO, Zentyal.
14:30 Guidelines for selecting the hardware for your Zentyal server Miguel Ángel Gómez, CEO, Calat. SLIDES Extend your Zentyal installation with Zarafa email, chat, presence and web meetings Stijn Meysen, Business Development Manager, Zarafa.
16:00 Lunch break Recommended: Café Restaurante El Seminario. Menu of the day: 8,90€ with a lunch ticket you are given upon registration
16:30 Best practices for migrating from Windows servers to Zentyal Javier Alcázar, Support Engineer, Zentyal. SLIDES VIDEO Building a single, complete value-chain from a multi-provider portfolio Francisco Solans, CEO, Neodoo. SLIDES VIDEO
17:00 Zentyal Remote: How to easily monitor and manage more desktops and servers Enrique José Hernández, Cloud Software Architect, Zentyal. SLIDES VIDEO Academy program: Training the future Zentyal experts Ramón de la Rosa, Technical Responsible of Zentyal Learning Project, PUE. SLIDES VIDEO
17:30 Upgrading IT training in vocational education with Zentyal Ignacio Sancho, Head of IT Department, C.P.I.F.P Los Enlaces. SLIDES VIDEO From Greenfield to QoOS (Quality of Open Source Willem Poort, President, Colize. VIDEO
18:00 Workshop: Review your idea for Zentyal roadmap with the developers José Antonio Calvo, Lead Server Developer, Zentyal. VIDEO First public technology preview of new Zentyal Cloud Ignacio Correas, CEO, Zentyal. SLIDES VIDEO
18:30 Zentyal Awards – Salón de Plenos
Welcome Cocktail (Café Restaurante El Seminario)
10:00 Friday, 5th of October, 2012
11:00 Five easy hacks to customize Zentyal Rubén Durán, Developer, Zentyal. SLIDES VIDEO Samba4 in Zentyal vs Ws 2008 Server – a feature comparison Jelmer Vernooij, Developer at Samba and Software Engineer at Canonical.
12:00 Penetration Testing Zentyal Networks Mussa Khonje, Director, ACSLabs. SLIDES VIDEO How Zentyal server, Zentyal Remote and Zentyal Cloud help IT service providers to offer first class infrastructure management services Jorge Salamero, Sales Engineer, Zentyal.
12:30 Coffee break
13:30 Identity and Access Management Christian Bonato, Zentyal Forum Moderator. SLIDES VIDEO

Adventures on Layer 8 Michael Kappes, Zentyal Community Member. SLIDES VIDEO
Type your password just once: deploying a Single Sign-On environment with Zentyal 3.0 Samuel Cabrero, Developer, Zentyal.
14:30 Envision: Zentyal 3.x feature packs versus mayor releases Edwin van Uffelen, Zentyal Community Member. SLIDES VIDEO

Make your own Fluffy! Javier Fernádez-Carrión, UX-UI Designer, Zentyal. SLIDES VIDEO
Learn to make a professional Zentyal installation: Robust, scalable and flexible Mateo Burillo, Training Coordinator, Zentyal.
16:00 Lunch break
16:30 Infrastructure High Availability Christian Bonato, Zentyal Forum Moderator. SLIDES VIDEO Best practices deploying a Zentyal Server José Juan Montes, Customer Service Manager, Zentyal.
17:30 Workshop: Ideas for roadmap of Zentyal 3.2 José Antonio Calvo, Lead Server Developer, Zentyal. VIDEO Integrate Zentyal with external applications: the cases of OpenERP, SugarCRM and Moodle Carlos Pérez-Aradros, Cloud Lead Developer, Zentyal.
18:00 Closing session announcement of Zentyal Summit 2013
Social Weekend Oktoberfest, Funfair Park | Parque de Atracciones (Address: Pinares de Venecia, s/n). Let’s meet at the entrance of the Funfair Park at 20:00. The bus line number 34 will take you there. (Bus stops in the city center: Paseo Pamplona 1, Paseo Sagasta 14, Paseo Sagasta 32, Paseo Sagasta 62

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