Summit 2011

11-12 of November, 2011

10:00 Friday, 11th of November 2011
(CIEM, Avenida de la Autonomía 7)
10:15 Welcome
11:00 Keynote: From Projects to Products. Roberto Galoppini, Senior Director of Business Development, SourceForge. VIDEO
11:20 Past, present and future of Zentyal in the SMB server market. Ignacio Correas, CEO, Zentyal. VIDEO
11:40 Migrating from Windows Servers to Linux with Zentyal in Limerick City Council, Ireland. Mihai Bilauca and Patricia O’Dwyer, Limerick City Council, Ireland. VIDEO
12:00 Zentyal in the enterprise: The case of Sabeco-Simply. Luis Palomero, CTO, Sabeco-Simply. VIDEO
12:30 Coffee break
14:30 Session: Business opportunities based on Zentyal
12:50 10 reasons why customers and partners pick Zentyal Server. Javi Vázquez, COO, Zentyal. VIDEO
13:15 Aibox SOHO: Turn-key server solution based on Zentyal. Alejandro Escobar, Sales Manager, AITIRE. VIDEO
13:40 Ubuntu and Zentyal: Perfect combination to bring Linux to SMBs. Francisco Solans, CEO, Neodoo. VIDEO
14:05 Combining business applications with Zentyal. The case of AbanQ ERP. David Zafra, CEO, AbanQ. VIDEO
14:30 Academy Program: Teaching Zentyal to vocational education students. Santi Alcaide, Director of Business Development, Proyecto Universidad Empresa (PUE). VIDEO
16:00 Lunch break
18:00 Session: Zentyal server development and community collaboration
16:20 What Zentyal Community can learn from Ubuntu. Christophe Sauthier, Ubuntu France/Objectif Libre. VIDEO
16:40 Creating local Zentyal groups: Case of the Netherlands. Rob Bosch, Zentyal Forum Moderator. VIDEO
17:20 Shaping the Zentyal 3.0 roadmap. José Antonio Calvo, Product Manager, Zentyal. VIDEO
18:00 Zentyal community governance. Ignacio Correas, CEO, Zentyal. VIDEO
22:00 Meet in front of the Puerta Cinegia (Plaza de España) to start a tapas tour in the old town.
Get-Together Party concert by The Shimm at the Albergue de Zaragoza (C/Predicadores, 70).
10:30 Saturday, 12th of November 2011
(Digital Water Pavillion, Avenida de la EXPO 2008)
10:30 Lightning talks
10:10 Configure Zentyal Disaster Recovery in 10 minutes. Javier Amor, Developer, Zentyal. VIDEO
10:20 Zentyal thin clients project at the Zaragoza City Council. Carlos Alocen, Zaragoza City Council. VIDEO
10:30 The need of a Zentyal (Community) Desktop. Rob Bosch, Zentyal Forum Moderator/OpenWijs. VIDEO
14:30 Session: Training Workshops
11:10 Zentyal server maintenance with Zentyal Cloud. Enrique Hernández, Product Manager, Zentyal. VIDEO
11:50 Best practices deploying a Zentyal Server. Jorge Salamero, Systems Analyst, Zentyal. VIDEO
12:30 How to customize Zentyal configuration files (by using hooks and templates). Carlos Pérez-Aradros, Developer, Zentyal. VIDEO
13:10 Replacing Windows Server environments with Zentyal: AdSync + Zarafa. Jorge Salamero, Systems Analyst, Zentyal.
13:50 Introduction to Zentyal server development. José Antonio Calvo, Product Manager, Zentyal. VIDEO
14:30 How to start contributing to Zentyal server project: translation, beta-testing, documentation, etc. Mateo Burillo, Partner Manager, Zentyal. VIDEO
15:00 Meet in front of the Digital Water Pavilion (Avenida de la EXPO 2008) to go together to the Laser Tag session.
19:00 Laser Tag session (Avenida Pablo Ruiz Picasso / Parque del Agua).
Meet in front of the Puerta Cinegia (Plaza de España) to start a walking tour in the old town to be continued with dinner/tapas and drinks.

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